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Along with the development of 3D technology and mass media, 3D animation video has enhance the publicize of electronic games. 3D animation is embedded into every aspect of the game. The photo is the screenshot for a video game named "Need for Speed" . The integration of the background music, sound effects,special 3D visual graphic editing have shown the speed and passion of the racing vehicle. It may caught gamers into the scene and swings the mood of the gamers.

1997: Hardware Acceleration, 2D games now increasingly use 3D effects, the video game in the image is called "Diablo" a RPG game which starting implant with 3D effects.

In year 1990, "Space Roger" and "Ultima Underworld" were the originator 3D games developed by Origin Systems. Because of the limitation on hardwares to continue the developing in 3D technology, soon, it gone to wane.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, it is not difficult for us to experience in 3D gaming compare to a decade before. Users may have a chance to play with 3D game in cheapest, easier and convenient ways. 3D games can be simply created by users with connected a portable handheld gaming device to a big screen and play the game with putting on a 3D glasses.

At first, electronic game was input or communicate with a computer's keyboard. Then, derivative of joystick or controllers as a command to control the characters in the game. In the most recent phase innovation of technology, with the developed of 3D sensor technology has allowed users to control the game via body gestures or movements. This not only created the realistic in visual but users can also feel the reality of the visual together with their body.

The rapid development in smartphone has allow users to install a large number of games included 3D animation games into their palm device. Although, users are frequently facing the limitation on hardware while playing 3D games with smartphone but the user still addicted because of the smooth graphic and high performance of the 3D game presented.

In producing 3D animation, first, we need to set up the three-dimentional model's outline and fill up the interspace one by one with the graphic software as shown in the photo above. It look simple, but it requires us to set the outline with accurate in order to produce an animation with realistic visual.

In May 24, 1953, film producers in Hollywood have introduced a new contraption into the movie market to recapture audiences from TV market into movies' market. They brought in the 3D film into the movie market and the 3D film must be watched with a special 3D glasses. WIth that, 3D glasses already be a indispensable tool for audiences to watch 3D films in the cinema.

With the development of film industry, more and more 3D technology is used for special effect of films, which create unbelievable visual and dimensional experience. Avatar is a historical breakthrough for using 3D technology in 3D movies. With motion capture technology, the film combines the record of human movements into the virtual character, which makes the scenes in this 3D movie much more vivid and impressive in details presenting.

3D drawing-Recently,3D drawing becomes popular in Western's street art.3D drawing is using the principle of plane perspective and created visual illusion effects and thus it become the Western Pioneer street artists to express and highlight their personality with 3D drawing.It also become a favorite art for some Western grassroots artists because it not only allow them to have wide freedom to unleash their creativity with enjoying low limitation in space and also low cost in the creation of…