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a cell phone hanging on the wall above a computer monitor with writing on it that says test taking strategy
(iphone) "iknow" Test Taking Strategies! Awesome idea!
four different types of handwritten words with the words rock that lead to each other
Candy Motivational Testing Notes
Candy Motivational Testing Notes
a colorful frame with some writing on it
All resources
test taking strategy poster
a poster with instructions on how to use test - taking techniques for writing and reading
Study skills resources
Test Taking Strategies
a bulletin board with an umbrella and raindrops on it that says showers of testing tips
I think I might have the kids write their own testing tips and hang them up to help each other!
Test Letter Star Test
Preparing for Testing...How Do You Do It?
Test Letter
several different types of cards on a wooden table with writing and pictures in the middle
8 Tips New Test Takers Should Know - Savvy School Counselor
Test taking tips
a drawing of a video game controller on a white board with writing all over it
Standardized test tips!
a pen and some candy in a plastic bag with a note attached to it on a bed
Standardized test goody bag... maybe next year since I missed it this year.
a handwritten note written on a piece of paper that says good morning class today is tuesday, apr 11th 2012
Standardized test motivator. Love the Acronym. Good test taking strategy reminders. Need to modify M a bit.
four different types of candy labels with the words best and worst in each one's language
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
Standardized Testing Survival Kit (AIMS if you live in AZ, ISTEP if you live in IN etc...)
a candy bar with a note attached to it's wrapper that says oreo
standardized testing incentives