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a hand that has a wrist brace on it with a thumb attached to the arm
How the GyroGlove Steadies Hands of Parkinson’s Patients
Hope in a Glove for Parkinson’s Patients: A wearable device promises to help steady hand tremors by using an old technology—gyroscopes.
an image of some type of futuristic vehicle
It's Hip to be Connected
Hip Connect puts patients in touch with their artificial joint like never before. The wearable device fits comfortably on the leg and utilizes a series of sensors to detect motion and force. This data is transferred wirelessly to an easy-to-use app on the user’s smartphone which alerts them if they are putting their joint at risk through physical activity.
a hand holding a pink and blue glass bottle next to another one with a black top
550ml Sports Bottle Dumbbell Cup Leakproof Fitness Water Bottle Plastic Sealed
550ml Sports Bottle Dumbbell Cup Leakproof Fitness Water Bottle Plastic Sealed
a hand with an elephant on it's wrist and bandage around the wrist area
Safety Animal Band
Safety Animal Band | The Safety animal band is a medical needle designed to make the experience of injections less traumatic for children. | Designed by Kim Mi Hyun, Jung Ju Yeon, Park In Hye and Park Chan Ju of Sungshin Women's University | IDEA 2014 Silver
a person is holding a roll of toilet paper in their hand and it's attached to a device
Easy Pain Relief - Yanko Design
Rolling Patch – Pain Relief Patch allows you to choose the length of the patch for an easy application. #firstaid #bandage #YankoDesign
several different types of electronic gadgets are shown in this image, including hands and fingers
When design met modern medicine - Yanko Design
The Bend is a medical finger-splint with a revolutionary design. Finger bone fractures can be painful, however dislocations of bones isn’t just about pain, if not treated well, you could lose functionality of that finger for life. Read more at Yanko Design
an info sheet showing how to use the fingernails
A Better Band-aid - Yanko Design
The 'Leaf-band-aid' is made of a special color-changing material indicating to the wearer that it’s time to switch out, its functionally and aesthetically superior alternative that looks and works better than any band-aid before it... READ MORE at Yanko Design!