Learnig by playing

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It's The Very Hungry Caterpillar game! you can make the caterpillar the butterfly! Cut the circle and play with it!!!

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you can learn 'Can you~?'. For example, if your pin is on the running picture, you can say 'can you run?'

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WordChain Games!!!! If you say rule, you must say the word started with E!!!

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It is "Taboo games!". It is like speed quiz but you can say taboo. For example, when you explain strawberry, you cannot say 'red' or 'fruits' if the words are written on the card.

you can make a story with these cards. or you can explain the cards.

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it's just a puzzle! you can learn vocabulary with puzzling!

making a larva studying colors! it is very funnnnn!!!!

you can brainstorm! just write what you think right now!

It is writing a diary! Just write what did you happen today!

You can know what a circle is! By making a circle with water sand!!! It's very fun!!!

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