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Bellissimo Loft dove il contrasto tra legno e metallo crea una particolarissima atmofera.

kuroyuki: 12120506 by yohey23 on Flickr.

Another lovely example of an Engawa. The tatami rooms have shoji/paper sliding doors. The exterior has sliding wood doors that are currently open so you can't see them.

レトロモダン 家 - Google 検索

Japanese tea room - idea for matting in Fibonacci sequence with secret storage under the panels

Sala tradicional japonesa • Japanese home

Shokin-tei, Kyoto, Japan - Gloriously understated color choices. Soothing and interesting at the same time; calm yet far from boring.

京都の伝統家屋 町家の貸切の宿 明倫こがね庵_玄関 kyoyadoya Japan kyoto machiya inn

Le Meridien Zhengzhou by Neri and Hu