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전체크기 70 X 186 모시 쌈솔 감침질 평소 흰색 모시만 사용해서 가리개를 만들어 보고 싶었다. 전통문살 ...

Bojagi construction, naturally dyed silk, 27 x 27 in. each by Cheong Sil Lee as part of Tradition Unwrapped: Korean Bojagi and Joomchi Now

Pojagi was traditionally made using scraps of fabric left over from making hanbok & other fabric items | by jieun.sung

ポジャギ 作家 :: Wonmi Lee's POJAGI ::[website][e-mail]

Modernized traditional Korean Fabric art and décor, Jogakbo(Pojagi) - Sheer shade/ space décor

Traditional Korean material Myeong Joo (silk), a modern design, and JOGAKBO techniques. In the image, the shade is backlit; when light comes from the front, it shows more vivid colors.Korean traditional silk JOGAKBO, sheer shade/ space décor. #shadeproject 29"x70" 650.00 USD Use small clamps with a pole, or roller shade hardware. by DESIGNMEEM on etsy

이웃님들 안녕하세요^^ 오늘은요 너무너무 추운 날씨와는 달리^^ 따스한 느낌의 조각보를 소개하려고 합니...