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a small white building sitting on the side of a road next to power lines and telephone poles
japanese matchbox label, via Flickr.
cafe entrance
people are sitting at tables in an industrial setting
Espresso Melbourne
Dukes Cafe Interior
some people are sitting at a food cart outside the building and one person is standing in front of it
Trying a food truck in Paris
Love the way this is made of scrap but looks great!
an outside view of a restaurant with tables and chairs
the outside of a coffee shop with wooden stools
tony chi オープン
biotop osaka
the inside of a coffee shop with three stools in front of it and an open door
Winners 2015
Raw Trader (Australia), Café / @albertwijaya
people sitting at tables in a restaurant with lights hanging from the ceiling and chairs around them
Interior from Fazer Café in Helsinki with Work lamps by Form Us With Love for Design House Stockholm.
a man standing at a counter in front of a coffee shop
Onibus Coffee
This coffee stand is cool.
the inside of a coffee shop with menus on the wall and lights hanging from the ceiling
The Barn in Berlin / photo by Teodorik Mensl (click to follow me on Instagram)
the bar is made out of wood and has bottles on it
Rustic industrial bar design in Australia | ITALIANBARK
industrial bar, industrial bar design, rustic bar design, rustic and industrial bar design in Australia, The Nelson- recycled timber bar counter - - italianbark 3
a man standing in front of a bar with lots of bottles on the shelves and stools
Life at Home
Rickhouse is hands down one of the best cocktail bars in the city. Its drink menu could otherwise be described as "a cocktail bible," and it also boasts an impressive whiskey list. Located in the Financial District, it fills up with an after-work crowd and tends to be quieter later in the evenings.
an instagram page for urban house, brasillava
LFB - Love From Berlin
Urban House, Bratislava photographed by rae tashman for
the entrance to whitebird coffee stand is lit up at night
: @m_97kz • tag your shot #mamakecoffee to be featured
an empty bar with lots of wine bottles on the wall and lights hanging from the ceiling
O Prego na Peixaria, Escola politécnica 40.
Vintage ambiance in restaurant "O Prego na Peixaria", Escola politécnica 40, Lisboa. #Portugal Marble benchtop