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a drawing of a church with a clock tower
Little Longstone Chapel - Urban Sketchers
watercolor painting of an old building with blue windows and shutters on the side
Limited Edition Prints - Ian Fennelly | Artist & Urban Sketcher
Limited Edition Prints - Ian Fennelly
a drawing of an old stone house
Grafito - Calle de Candelario 2
Calle de Candelario II
a pencil drawing of an alley way with trees and brick buildings on either side, in the background is a bare tree
37 pinturas a lapiz y tinta China
a drawing of stairs leading up to a door and potted plant in front of it
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Coloring for adults - Kleuren voor volwassenen - #adults #coloring #Kleuren #volwassenen #voor
an old drawing of a castle with people standing on the bridge and looking at it
Andernach. Samuel Prout, from Sketches by Samuel...
Andernach. Samuel Prout, from Sketches by Samuel Prout, by Charles Holme, London, 1915.
a drawing of a building with a clock tower in the background and water below it
Andrew Fisher Bunner | Campanile and Rio di San Polo, Venice | American | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Campanile and Rio di San Polo, Venice, Andrew Fisher Bunner (1841–1897), Black ink and graphite traces on off-white wove paper
a drawing of a bridge over a river next to buildings
Venice Urban Architectural Drawings from the 1800s
a poster with the words, printable worksheet two point perspective and an image of
You May Enjoy drawing tips With One Of These Helpful Suggestions #drawingtips
a bunch of houses that are drawn in pencil
buildings More
an old book with drawings of houses and other buildings on it's pages, including one
Samuel Chamberlain (1895-1975-American) - DARF - Plate 38 - Alsatian Sketches - 1928
a drawing of people standing in front of a building
Cuaderno Roma. Piazza di Spagna. Iglesia Trinitá dei Monti. Nano S-Beato
three different types of houses with thatched roofs
Samuel Chamberlain (1895-1975-American) - DARF - Plate 15 - Three thatched cottages, Normandie - 1928
a drawing of an old castle in the desert
Ian McQue (@ianmcque) / Twitter