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many different types of cards and stickers on a white background with the words scraps - snacks designs
Pocket Scrapbooking Kit | Bold Summer | Printable Journal Cards and Stickers
This bold, summer themed pocket scrapbooking kit features 12 3x4 cards and a big sheet of stickers. The journal cards are perfectly sized for pocket style scrapbooks (e.g., Project Life ®, Simple Stories ®, Life Crafted ®, etc.), but you can also use these in traditional layouts, in pocket letters, on your planner dashboard, on a bulletin or vision board, as decorations, or to tuck into snail mail.
an envelope, pen and photo card with the words multi - image cards
Custom Photo Cards & Unique Greeting Cards | Artifact Uprising
Artifact Uprising Holiday Cards | Print your instagrams in a premium quality 100% recycled holiday card. Featuring stunning designs by @amandajanejones
the inside pages of a wedding album are open to show photos and other things in it
How much is a Hoverboard?
Hourly documentation for week in the life or day in the life. paislee press | creative team inspiration | June Press Exhibit
a collage of photos with words and pictures on them, all in different colors
kelsey, especially is under construction
Week in the Life™ 2016: M-W
a pink table topped with lots of cards and magnets next to a vase filled with yellow flowers
Photo Books & Scrapbooking Archives
Scrapbook Sunday: February Messy Box
a collage of photos and stickers on top of a white surface with scissors
Photo Books & Scrapbooking Archives
Scrapbook Sunday: June Messy Box
collage of photos and magnets with words on them
Scrapbook Sunday: Messy Box (A Beautiful Mess)
Scrapbook Sunday: Messy Box
an open notebook with pictures and writing on it, including the words love this costa rica
Scrapbook Sunday: Playing with the Messy Box
I already showed you this one, but here it is again (for context). This is our Marriage Year 4 album (I go by married years instead of calendar years), which begins last May. I originally wanted to do a whole book on just Costa Rica, but after looking at my photos, I felt like that was a little too much. So instead, the first 20 pages (well, 10, front and back) of this album are of Costa Rica. The best start ever to a new of marriage... am I right?
two pieces of paper with pictures and numbers on them, one has a cell phone
Scrapbook Sunday: Felt Cut Outs (A Beautiful Mess)
Scrapbook Sunday: Felt Cut Outs
several different types of stickers and magnets on a table
Scrapbook Sunday: The January Messy Box (A Beautiful Mess)
January feels like the most appropriate time for lots of black, white, and blush pink. Soft colors, bright backgrounds, welcoming in a fresh, new year. I couldn't help but bypass most of the blues in