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a drawing of a tiger and a bird on a white background with orange, blue, yellow and green stripes
🐙DDYUN🦑 on X
DDYUN🎗 on Twitter: "어제 드로잉카페에서 그렸던것들 호랑이가 맘에 들어서 스티커로 만들까 싶으… "
two drawings of cats and a dog on paper
Walter Anderson - Biography, Shows, Articles & More | Artsy
a drawing of two cats sitting next to each other
Things Lulu Likes
Things Lulu Likes — Walter Anderson - Two Cats, circa 1940.
a tiger is sitting on top of a rock and yawning with its mouth wide open
不二马大叔/Bu2ma on X
a black and white drawing of a tiger with stripes on it's back legs
Natalie Hall (@nataliehall) / Twitter
an orange and black tiger with stripes on it's body, standing in front of a white background
Boy Kong — Gitler &_____
Tiger Staring at the Sun, 2017 [private collection, NY, NY] Spray, Acrylic on Wood 21 ½ x 30 ½ x 2 in.