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the sky is filled with clouds and there are multiple shades of blue, purple, and white
IDEAS#139 - Design
IDEAS#139 – Design Creation - 10/06/2014
an abstract poster with different colors and shapes
ALT Creative, Inc.
FITC TOKYO 2015. Director: Ash Thorp
a wine glass with red liquid pouring out of it and the word wine - jazz written in white
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This is a really well designed poster. At first I was very impressed with how crisp the wine looked and as if if was going into a invisible glass. Then I realized there was a instrument incorporated in the design as well.
an array of green and white business cards on top of each other with the same color scheme
Modern Green Blue Stationery
Modern Green Blue Stationery by Abra Design, via Behance. A little busy, but the business cards are cool
a poster with an image of a road in the middle
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an abstract photo with the words imperfectect balance in front of some space and stars
Imperfect Balance
four different shapes and sizes of artwork on the wall, each with an abstract design
Pure Geometry
Pure Geometry by Alexey Romanowsky - 3D animation, really, but they look so REAL!
a poster with trees in the shape of a triangle and text on it that reads manage art festival
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I love this. It has a great tranquil, soft beauty.first of all it reminds of the clipping mask tool in Illustrator.secondly,I love the simple black & white color scheme.I especially love how the only thing black are the tree branches,so with the white fill of the A & the white background,it's creating great negative space all over.
an abstract painting with trees and buildings in the background, including a yellow circle at the center
Flickr Photo Download Point Ss - 1407 - Buamai
Point Ss #circle #graphic #design The nature element is really pretty, nice vertical visual movement
a poster with an image of people walking down the street in front of some buildings
I love the way they used the eye dropper tool to make the entire poster the same color as the skyline.
a poster for the sleepers'her pretty face, with trees in the background
The Sleepers - Flyer - Trees
Like design for poster
an advertisement for vibe drum and bass featuring a woman's face with leaves on it
#graphic #design VIBE. poster design. (Seen this alot - Love it's amazing use of colour and shapes)
a poster with an image of a road in the middle
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