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a large metal sculpture sitting on top of a lush green field
Der Turm Luxemburg - Architektur oder Skulptur? - Architektin Knieps | Bureau für Architektur, Design und Material
a person is standing in front of two tall obelisk towers on a sunny day
Magic Transistor
Magic Transistor on Tumblr
a large white object sitting in the middle of a field with mountains in the background
a tall white tower sitting next to a fence on top of a dirt field under a cloudy sky
Justo García Rubio - Depósito en Ribera del fresno
a tall building with a triangular design on it's side and a tree in the foreground
Die Plattform für Architektur & Design
a tall red building with a clock on it's side
Gallery of SMG Church Complex / Ramón Fernández-Alonso - 5
a model of a building on top of a table
atelier 11: pan long gu church
atelier 11: pan long gu church
a water fountain with a clock tower in the background
Gallery of AD Classics: Chapel of St. Ignatius / Steven Holl Architects - 20
a concrete building with a cross on the top of it's roof and windows
Capilla San Alberto Magno
Capilla San Alberto Magno on Behance
a large building with a clock on the side of it's face next to a tall tower
St. Joseph the Worker: A Sustainable Sanctuary in Utah’s Heartland | HomeAdore