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the cover of a novel called ama tempo, written in french and english
Frases Interactivas
a sign that says los dominos las calorisas no cuentan
Frases Irónicas
a drawing of a toaster with the words'no debes para manana lo que pies contre hoy '
Tuiwok Estilo (@Tuiwokestilo) / X
chocolates are stacked on top of each other with the words no puedes hacer feliz
Essential Psynergy on Twitter
the words in spanish and english are handwritten on white paper, with black ink
Adhesivo con la frase, hoy es un buen días para sonreír
a piece of brown paper with the words la pacientena written in spanish
Frases célebres de cocina
a piece of paper that has some type of writing on it with the words la mejor de la vieda sempre e e compate
Productos Archive - Página 4 de 11 - Dirty Harry lettering
two donuts with sprinkles are on a pink background and the words, cuado la via se pone difficil toca enjubancia
Cuando la vida se pone difícil toca endulzarla
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220 ideas de Días de la Semana | candidman, frase del día, frases
there is a wall decal that says, i love you me comer la viga y margaritas