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art tutorial
✨ Secret of The Perfect Creamy Texture - Save for later! ✨ Obviously it’s the paste! Here is what I use and what works for me! ✨ Joint Compound from hardware store and just using it by itself can also can give you amazing results. ✨ While Acrylic Paint: You can add it to get more liquid texture. You don’t want to make it too runny, just to smooth the paste a bit! Stopping here also will give you very good texture and paste 👌 ✨ Modeling Paste: Add up to 2 spoons of it to get to the creamy tex Contemporary abstract art Original mixed media art portrait painting Large abstract painting Small abstract painting modelling plaster paste Black and white abstract art Metallic Colorful Textured Print Buy unique art on canvas Bold high-quality prints Minimalist abstract prints Luxury art gifts insp