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Cheolik is probably the famous and popular gown of Joseon's men. 1) It was the one-piece gown made by sewing the upper(Jeogori) and a skirt(Chima). 2) the skirt part was very wrinkled. 3) usually sleeves could be tore off from the body, connected with buttons at other times. And this was also a uniform for military officers, You can check it in Yungbok.

Short Sleeve Gowns by on @DeviantArt - When men wore a short sleeve gown, they always had to use it on the other long-sleeve gown. Dapo was probably the one used most popular and for a long time. In the middle Joseon, during many wars, people made outers with shorter sleeves - like Jeonbok / Kwaeja. But they weren't classified surely. And in the late Joseon, people just used the name "Kwaeja" for all type short-sleeve clothes.

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Daum 블로그 - 이미지 원본보기

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