Martin Greenfield's story is extraordinary. He was liberated from Auschwitz as a 15 year old and immigrated to the United States in 1947. Grateful for freedom and his new life, Greenfield decided to fashion President Eisenhower a custom three-piece suit. Since then, Greenfield has created beautiful custom suits for every American president.

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Frank Tjepkema grew up in Geneva, Brussels and New York. He graduated from the Eindhoven Design Academy in 1996, and subsequently collaborated with major design studios as well as working on his own projects. In 2001 Frank founded his own studio, Tjep. and since then has been designing, creating and curating everywhere, from Mexico to Malaysia. This is Frank.

Cok de Rooy started life as a hat-maker, and later became a buyer for Liberty in London. Since 1992 he is a full-time curator and tastemaker for one of the world’s most inspirational and innovative design stores: the Frozen Fountain. This is Cok.

Designer Claire Malcolm graduated from Middlesex University with a BA in Fashion Design. Since then she has grown to become one of the leading designers on Savile Row, and has worked with Kim Jones, Kanye West and E.Tautz. She is currently the creative director of eponymous British fashion brand Hardy Amies. This is Claire.

Werner Vogels is CTO of He is also an academic, a researcher, scientist, engineer and important influence on the contemporary zeitgeist. A more fitting title would perhaps be ‘rainmaker’, as he is also known as one of the founding fathers of ‘the cloud.’ This is Werner.

Six years ago, Forrest Fenn hid a treasure chest of gold and precious gems in the Rocky Mountains. The treasure map exists in the form of a poem called, "The Thrill of the Chase." Even with the clues, the treasure remains unfound … Fancy an adventure?

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Prisoners in an Appalachian super-max prison have found an unlikely ally: a radio show. While telecom companies charge higher-than-normal fees for prisoners to make and receive phone calls, WMMT—a local community radio station in Whitesburg, Kentucky—is broadcasting phone calls from loved ones over the air and into the prisons for free.

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