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My culture, your culture

Intercultural communication is not always easy. The LESCANT Model describes seven areas in which cultural differences can arise (e.g. language, environment, non-verbal interaction,...) Check out their photo database at It is a collection of photos documenting cultural differences. Post your photo here and briefly explain how what you captured is different from what you are used to experiencing in your home country.
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The first challenge I met in Nashville was taking the bus. There are bus stops everywhere without any signs about the information of the bus. A bus stop with a simple schedule is the best bus stop I can find in Nashville. I didn't know which lines I could take. And I was not sure about what time I could get on a bus. And I wondered if the bus would stop at this bus stop. It is really different with the way we take a bus in my home country.

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It was taken from restrooms here, just so different from China!

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This is Commons , dorm for freshmen.

Chanhee's post: 1.Drain:On arriving in Nashville, I sprinkled water and squirted soap to clean up the bathroom.However,there was NO drain and I had to wipe with a cloth. 2.Carpet on the floor. 3.Strange Starbucks and sweetener: I was surprised when a cashier at starbucks asked me for my name. I thought it was like kindness to foreigner, but it was to reduce confusion. + sweetener is really unfamiliar in Korea. Calorie is also important to Korean woman to be skinny, but they usually enjoy…

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In a restaurant, I noticed this instruction. It's saying that you cannot enter with your gun.

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Party Outside & Everyone loves sunshine

drinking water

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Bumper stickers. Even though Americans generally don't talk about politics and religion when they meet someone for the first time, bumper stickers seem to be one way of circumventing this kind of indirectness... It's a silent, indirect way way of being very direct and vocal.

I was shocked to see this in Nashville (my American friends were too though). Something like this would be virtually impossible in Germany, but since most cars in the US are automatic, not everybody needs both feed to drive... this is certainly a traffic violation though.