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an old wooden shelf filled with lots of jars and other items on top of it
Best Things To Do In London – Your Ultimate Guide To London
museum of curiosities
an open book with different types of items in it, including feathers and spoons
≗ Feathered Nest of Hope ≗ bird feather & nest art jewelry & decor - feathers and nests | journal
an old wooden shelf with various vases and animal figurines on it's shelves
Skull / bone curiosity collection.
there is a display case with skulls and other items on it in front of a wall
Le blog de haute.decoration.over-blog.com
cabinet of curiosities
there is a skeleton in the middle of this room with many shelves full of items
Mark Dion Cabinet of Curiosities
four framed pictures hanging on the wall above a shelf with hair clips and other items
The Society inc. by Sibella Court
Etcetera by Sibella Court - The Society inc.
a white snake under a glass dome on a table
Objet de curiosite - vibrate !!!
the 'curiosity cabinet'
a glass dome filled with lots of colorful birds
Victorian taxidermy bird domes
four different types of bugs in a box
Leaf insects, found in rain-forest canopies of tropical Asia, Rosamond Purcell
an assortment of colorful glass scarves are displayed on a white background with other scarves
colorful beetles