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How do you speak in tongues? If you do not speak in tongues, does that mean you have not received the Holy Spirit? Perhaps there are many theories or instructions with regards to this subject. In order to understand which is the correct way, let us examine the Bible carefully. 1. When did the word "tongues"

Kim Joo cheol with Amir Dossal, former executive director of the United Nations Office of Partnerships

Christ's Sacrifice and Prayer Times - The True WMSCOG

The 1542nd Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Campaign for the Passover was the first joint cleanup event conducted by the World Mission Society Church of God Singapore and Malaysia. About 150 countries participated in this cleanup campaign in their respective countries. The cleanup took place on April 29, 2012, at Malacca, Malaysia.

The WMSCOG and the Feasts of God

God the Mother and the Mitochondrial Eve

The Bible Says Christ Cannot Die Again

Brazil was not the only team making history on Sunday as they closed the Olympic games scoring a historic goal winning them the gold. The churches of God in Florida also scored a historic first place at the 2016 East Coast Soccer Tournament in New Windsor, NY. With eight teams consisting of members from more