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three tags hanging from a clothes line with string attached to the hanger and two are labeled utitito
쌀 패키지 디자인 4
밥맛과 환경까지 챙기는
a hand is holding an open book with words on it
Zapruder – Raquel Pinto
Zapruder – Raquel Pinto
an open book with pictures and numbers on it's pages, showing the date
Roma Publications
(from) Karel Martens, Motion, Roma 290, Roma Publications, Amsterdam, 2017. Design: Julie Peeters
a large poster with many different pictures on it's sides and words in the middle
『Before/After Mass Studies Does Architecture』, brochure – (+.+) &
Before/after: brochure – Sulki & Min
a black and white brochure with many pictures on it
Lyon-based studio Intercouleur’s portfolio of busy yet communicative designs
Intercouleur is a graphic design studio based in Lyon, France and aims to provide “hot and cold solutions” for cultural institutions, businesses and individuals. Made up of three designers: Alexis Cros, Matthieu Salvaggio and Guillaume Sbalchiero, the studio is open to collaboration on its diverse range of projects, which include identities, booklets, posters and editorial design.
the front page of an airplane magazine
Yamamoto | Sam Weber
The layout juxtaposes the plane and butterfly to give a clear description of the article's topic. The photos are evenly placed and wrap around the text perfectly.
a cd case with an image of a woman's face
a white book with black eyes on it
19 Beautiful Book Cover Designs
A list of 19 examples of beautiful book cover design for graphic and Web designers.
an old fashioned thermometer is on display in front of a green and white background
2017 Dreaming Classic — Jaeha Kim
중심 인물 따서 가운데 넣고 타이포 뒤에 박기
an image of a bar code on the back of a book with chinese characters in it
싸니까 믿으니까 인터파크도서
싸니까 믿으니까 인터파크도서 - 탐방서점
대한제국역사관 석조전 도록 표지 디자인 Graphic Book, Ppt Design, Modern Poster, Design Digital, Lettering Design, Editorial Design
도록 표지
대한제국역사관 석조전 도록 표지 디자인
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clueo // graphic
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