Cool and Quirky Instagram Photos | David Schwen || Instagram is a great app when used correctly. So often, Instagram is filled with selfies and quotes, it's nice to get a break once in a while. Artists and designers post wonderful things on Instagram that capture the daily lives of creatives. I've yet to use my Instagram to showcase my creativity, but it's inspiring to see others use it to their advantage and for more than just selfies.

Samuel Bradley | Beautifully Offbeat Photography || Samuel Bradley has some odd shots of people and things. This one in particular, I really enjoy because of the retro, vintage look that it has. I'm drawn to retro designs and vintage photos because there's so much character and history behind it. The model and the picture itself both belong to a different time period and I always get so excited at the prospect of working off of a different era.

Lake Louise, Canada | Photographer: Daniel Roe || I’m a huge fan of nature, landscape and urban photography. Unsplash is one of the few websites that licenses beautiful images for free. This picture by Daniel Roe in particular I always go back to just because it's so beautiful, and you can feel the peace and serenity emanating from the image. The best photographs are the ones that make you feel as if you're present when it taken. And often the photos I come across Unsplash make me feel that…

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