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This Giraffe Rock Art was created with rocks from the eastern banks of Lake Michigan. Each rock was handpicked, cleaned, prepared and chosen for this particular piece of artwork. The frame was built specifically for this piece and is secured to the artwork. It has hanging wire attached to the back so it is ready to hang! The outside of the frame measures: 17.25w x 28.25h

Check out these beautiful trees, they are so simple and yet so decorative. Make a whole group of trees and decorate your flower pots or your garden with them.

many friends will walk in and out of your life but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart.

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Rock And Pebble Art To Make Your Living Space Come Alive - Bored Art

Great Idea for Stone Art Could paint a rock for a turtle shell. Add legs and head and tail with cardstock?

Ceramic pendants /Özlem Menekay Could do with enamel.

3D polymer clay pendant