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the finished cushion is being sewn and stitched
Jasmine Crochet Stitch Cushion
Pillow Jasmine Crochet Stitch Cushion
the rainbow cross stitch pattern is shown with numbers and symbols in different colors, as well as
Crochet Rainbow Garland | Rainbow beginner crochet | Haak Maar Raak
there is a crocheted flower on top of a card with the words, flowers
handmade crochet white lilies of valley light for Valentine's day gift
IG: panpanpolly
there is a flower that has been placed on top of a table with a mirror in the background
Crochet light
someone is holding up a crocheted hat and broccoli on their finger
a knitted plant in a white vase
two stuffed animals sitting on a couch next to a pillow with sheep and farm scenes
a crochet flamingo mug next to a book and pencils on a table
a crocheted flamingo coffee mug next to some knitting supplies and a book
a decorative pillow with tassels on the sides and a fish painted on it
a crocheted pillow with a stuffed giraffe sitting on top of it