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an aerial view of a building with trees and other things in the area around it
Gallery of Multi-Functional Headquarters of Edel AG Competition Entry / Barcode Architects & Habiter Autrement - 8
Multi-Functional Headquarters of Edel AG Competition Entry / Barcode Architects & Habiter Autrement
an image of a city map with people walking around and buildings on the other side
MESH- Resultados
Propuestas presentadas al Concurso de Arquitectura para Estudiantes Medellin experimental social housing Organizado por ARCHmedium
an info sheet showing the various types of buildings and their functions in different areas of the city
전시공간 면적
관련 이미지
four diagrams showing the different stages of an architectural project, with trees and buildings on each side
México: Parque Elevado Chapultepec, proyecto catalizador para generar comunidad en la Ciudad de México
the word atrium written in different languages on a white background with black and yellow lines
*배움의 장을 연속시키는 에어아트리움 [ AART Architects + ZENI Architects ] VUC Syd
내외부를 밀착시키는 건축적 방법, 다양한 내부의 공간을 하나의 연속된 흐름으로 엮기. 덴마크 하데슬레우에 위치한 VUC Syd는 일반적인 교육시설과는 차별화 되는 교육공간으로 구성된다. 도시와 항구를 360도 조망 가능한 건축물의 배치는 워터프론트에 위치한 지리적 특징으로 부터 기인된 물리적 요소와 지면에서 부터 지상으로 연속되는 테라스의 건축적 특징으로 내외부의 밀착도를 높인다. 이와 동시에 건축물 내부 중..
the diagram shows how to cut out pictures
[ H Associates and Haeahn Architecture ] Chung-Nam Government Complex
The design of a new Government Complex of Chung-Nam Province - one of the nine South Korean provinces – re-imagines the idea, image and functions of an institutional building and government center. The design reconciles two opposing concepts: 1. BUILDING vs. NATURE and 2. GOVERNMENT vs. CIVIC. By blurring the differences between the built environment and the landscape, people are invited inside..
an image of people walking around in different directions on the same page as shown below
전시공간 면적
관련 이미지
an illustrated image of various buildings and trees
전시공간 면적
전시공간 폭에 대한 이미지 검색결과
three different views of the city from above and below, with red lines on each side
the proposed 'library' is constructed using a mix of monochromatic polycarbonate and glazed panels, with a dominantly white marble interior.
four diagrams showing the different types of circles and their corresponding features are shown in this diagram
an info sheet with different types of circulars and circles in black and red colors
bjarke ingels group chosen to design europa city in france
BIG together with tess, transsolar, base, transitec and michel forgue have designed an 80 hectare cultural and commercial destination, europa city in france.
an image of some type of architecture
concept DIAGRAM
three diagrams showing the different sections of a building and how they are connected to each other
a drawing of a spiral staircase with trees on each side
New Housing Prototypes
Rafi Segal, New Housing Prototypes, Vertical Landscaping
two diagrams showing the different parts of a planter and how it is made out of wood
Maitenance | HIC
Cueto + Alonso + Marcos | Concurso Mercado de La Laguna | HIC Arquitectura