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With a continuous focus on variety and new offerings, throughout the years PreGel products have proven to satisfy and enhance any occasion or palate. Our ingredients are intended to serve and inspire the creativity of our customers, as the possibilities for novel product and flavor combinations are truly as limitless as one's imagination.
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Panini Gelato is a brand new concept for frozen dessert businesses seeking a novel approach to desserts. // See what you need to make one at!


Coriandolina® Frozen Pop Coatings & Supplies


PreGel stands globally as the largest manufacturer and distributor of ingredients for gelato, sorbetto, frozen yogurt, semifreddo, pastries and more, and has a presence on every continent. View what we have to offer at


PreGel AMERICA's ServIce® is an exclusive line of serving products for desserts. Included in the line are plastic, styrofoam and metal products to meet all types of supply needs.

PreGel AMERICA is excited to introduce Brownie Batter Super Sprint, a powdered mix utilized to create gelato or soft serve.