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Awesome 'Shagbark' asset created for the Dota online world

Awesome 'Shagbark' asset created for the Dota online world

game animation demo reel. 4th

This was an animation test I did for Blizzard. I was given a week to create a walk, run, attack and death animations. The animations had to be smooth and convincing with plenty of weight and appropriate character. The movements should be fluid yet punchy with plenty of dynamic power (particularly in the attack animation). Animated in Maya Rig provided by Blizzard Animation by Shane Oakes - Audio by Alexandre Saba -

Mike Higgins: WILDSTAR Game Animation Reel

Wildstar Game Animation Reel, 2014. All animation by Mike Higgins. Music: "Chua Theme" by Jeff Kurtenacker. Contents: 1) Player Character In-Game Movement, Run, Sprint & Jump- Chua 2) Creature Run cycle- Boulderback 3) NPC Walk Cycle- Grumpel 4) Creature Walk Cycle- Pumera 5) NPC Walk Cycle- Vultureman 6) NPC Run Cycle- Lopp 7) Player Character In-Game Swim Cycles- Chua. 8) Player Character Movement, Dash Forward- Chua 9) Player Character Movement, Jump & Land- Draken ...

Walk Cycle - Po

Walk cycle I did while interning at DreamWorks Animation this past fall (2012).