Pretty little girl with a pretty dress to match!

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hanbok | Tumblr (Korea) Suryashi Huang would wear something similar to this for her official court appearances. Hanbok are almost unbeatable for comfiness and ease of motion, and the wealth of color and gold on such a wonsam would rival anything Europe has to offer.

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Modern #Hanbok, traditional Korean dress with white semi #jeorgori & white #chima

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Hanbok, Vogue, Korea, traditional attire

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Вопрос 6. Корея. Понимаю, что не смогла быть там культурно, но люблю азиатские старинные костюмы. Даже было несколько косплейных (Вы же знаете о косплее?) костюмов в старинном китайском и корейском стиле. Мне в таком аж даже удобно ходить, морально очень приятно. И женственно

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이영애 한복 화보 korean hanbok

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말을 탈 때 입기 위해 만들어진 넓은 소매의 쪽빛 도포는 김혜순 한복, 흰색 속치마는 차이 김영진, 회색 더블 버튼 재킷과 와이드 팬츠는 김서룡

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Why...yes, I am korean and oh! Yes, I would love a hanbok. Oh goodness, such a curious one. I AM taking donations. (I'm jest, ladies and gentlemen...about the donations...sort of. <3)

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Hanbok, korean traditional clothes / My wedding / 花中花 / 바이단

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