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a pink and gold frame with the words korean written in black on it's side
an animated image of a ship with a bird on it's nose and another cartoon character in the background
기다리다가 지쳤어...
an image of a man talking on the phone with speech bubbles above his head in korean
a cell phone with korean writing on the screen
답장 주라
답장 주라
the words are written in different languages
a black and white image of stairs with the letter e on it's side
Black Simple Stairs Vector Icon
a fluffy white dog with a roll of toilet paper on its head sitting on the floor
말풍선 짤
a red and white stuffed animal laying in some water with two speech bubbles above it
the words are written in different languages and have been drawn on paper with confetti
a cat is sleeping with its head on a stuffed animal and it's caption says, i love you
그냥 꼬옥… 안아주면 되…