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十骏马图册 清 王致诚. Jean Denis Attiret (王致誠; 1702 – 1768) was a French Jesuit painter and missionary to China. Jean Denis Attiret was born in Dole, France. He studied art in Rome and made himself a name as a portrait painter. While a Jesuit novice, he did paintings in the Cathedral of Avignon and the Sodality Chapel.

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A portrait of a Chinese man wearing a royal blue silk coat with gold buttons and a black cap with red ornamentation by Jean-Denis Attiret

Jean Denis Attiret (王致誠) , 十骏马图册 清 王致诚. 王致诚(1702—1768),法国人,是天主教耶稣会传教士。自幼学习里昂,后留学罗马,工油画人物肖像。乾隆三年(公元1738年)来中国,供奉内廷。与郎世宁、艾启蒙、安德义合称四洋画家,形成新体画风。其传世作品还有《三王礼拜耶稣图》、起草的铜版组画《乾隆平定准部回部战图》的部分底稿等。

Jean Denis Attiret (王致誠) , 十骏马图册 清 王致诚. 在技法上,作者以欧洲的素描画法入画,又使用中国的毛笔和宣纸作画,不像中国画家那样,以连绵富有弹性的线条来塑造马的形状,而是以短细的笔触来刻画马匹皮毛的质感。他观察细微,落笔准确,十分注重马的解剖和结构,效果别具一格,充分表现了作者的观察力和高超的技巧。而画面背景中的树木坡石则用墨加淡彩,侧笔皴擦而成,仍用中国传统的笔墨技法,虽然马与背景的表现手法不同,但处理得非常协调.

Jean Denis Attiret (王致誠) , 十骏马图册 清 王致诚. He went to China in 1737 and was given the title "Painter to the Emperor" by the Qianlong Emperor. Because the emperor insisted on the use of a Chinese painting methods and styles, Attiret's painting eventually became entirely Chinese in style. Most of his works were paintings of natural subjects such as trees, fruit, fish and other animals done on glass or silk.

Jean Denis Attiret (王致誠) , 清-王致诚

Jean Denis Attiret (王致誠) , 十骏马图册 清 王致诚

Jean Denis Attiret (王致誠) , 十骏马图册 清 王致诚

Jean Denis Attiret (王致誠) , 十骏马图册 清 王致诚