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Kitchen Dramatic Play Center
Space Theme Preschool - Planning Playtime
Space Theme Preschool - Planning Playtime
an indoor play area with a tent and rocket on the ground in front of it
an image of a rocket ship in the library
10 Awesome Ways to Repurpose Cardboard Boxes for Imaginative Play - Mumslounge
a machine made out of tin foil with different types of buttons and gauges on it
four different colored glass vases sitting on top of a white sheet
Seasons and Weather Sensory Bottles - Tea in the Wild
a collage of different types of water bottles with text overlay that reads, weather sensory bottles
Weather Sensory Bottles - Pocket of Preschool
the ultimate list of dramatic play ideas for kids
Huge List of Dramatic Play Ideas for Preschoolers
there are pictures of different activities in the classroom with text overlay that says, pizza restaurant dramatic play
Slide17 - Pocket of Preschool
Pizza Restaurant Dramatic Play - Pocket of Preschool