GANT Regular Jeans Men's W34/L30 Zip Fly Logo Blue Some changes in the fabric wash may appear. Please pay attention that producer's provided size and our given measurements may differ because of the fit. SIZE | W34/L30 | It is producer's provided size. We also provided all the measurements (inch & cm) in the added photos so that you could check if the item really fits you! CONDITION | No defect: the item has no visible defects and is in a very good condition! MEASUREMENTS | You can find all the measurements in the added pictures! Our items are usually provided in INTERNATIONAL/USA/UK/IT/EU sizes. Sometimes the measurements by the producer can be different from ours because of the fit/model. Keep in mind that the items have been measured by hand, laid flat, and in a still position. There ca Clothes, Fitness Models, Fitness, Jeans, Mens Jeans, Mens Outfits, Mens Accessories, Men, Gant