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Fundamental Human Needs Chart A4

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This material can be used together with Fundamental Human Needs Sorting Cards. It can work as a control chart for example.The chart wonderfully works independently and help to continue learning about this topic. It can be used for making your own chart or for sorting activity.The material consists of- 1 fundamental needs chart- 4 blank charts for pasting- set of labelsThe file includes instruction with presentation for using the material.Another addition to the study is Fundamental Human Needs Word Sorting Montessori Cards. I use it after the main material. Children can read words by themselves and sort them or I read words to them and we sort the material together. If you downloaded this material, leave me a feedback, I am so eager to know what you think about it!? Would you like to receive email notification about different new cards that I make? Then follow my store! I hope you found this material useful,Come back any time!Katherine
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