a piece of wood with a red flower on it and a chain attached to it
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코스모스 설퍼레우스 핸드메이드 프레스 플라워 레진 라운드 팔찌 - F / Yes

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Every single item is unique and there are no two pairs exactly the same. So it's an ideal gift,Perfect for a gift to a friend,mother or loved one.Gold and silver plated hooks are made with stainless steel and have a thin coating of gold/silver over the top. These earrings are allergy-free (HYPOALLERGENIC), they don¡¯t stain or turn green.Used jewelry resin of high quality and transparency,Non-toxic after curing. Gift Box It consists of flowers,leaves and plants,All materials of the gift box came from nature and will return to nature,Perfect choice to fit our Jewelry.Dimensions: 105 x 105 x 35 mm See more:Flower Jewelry
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