Buy 2 - Get $5 OFF with code 5OFF Ever needed to have certain things safe, secure, kept dry and easy to grab? Sick of digging to the bottom of your purse, gym bag or luggage? Small yet mighty, water-resistant pouches are here to help! Truly Universal & Multi-Use - There is absolutely no way to describe all of the uses for these - the list is never ending and I'm always saying "I would have never thought of that" when people reach out and tell me what they're using them for - so let me highlight some of the most common that have been shared with me from those who have them because they would know best, right!? Recommended Uses: Purse, Gym Bag, Luggage, backpack Organization - Vitamin/Prescription Pouches - Snacks, Makeup, Charging Cords, Glovebox Organization, Car Organization, Beach Bag Or People, Snacks, Design, Bags, Gym, Poop Bag Holder, Water Resistant Bag, Beach Bag, Pouch