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Modern and Original Long Necklace for Women, Beads and Handmade Patterns in Polymer Clay - Etsy

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modern and original red long necklace to add a unique touch to your style. Whether you're looking for a touch of glamor or a trendy accessory that complements your everyday outfit, this artisanal long necklace has what you need. The red and orange fantasy beads are hand-shaped in polymer clay with a varnished finish. Silver metal beads and charms mounted on a red waxed cotton cord. Length of the neck cord: 70cm. Total length: approximately 90cm. Large pearl: approximately 2cm in diameter. Do you want to offer a gift that stands out, unique and original? Opt for this magnificent artisanal long necklace, a piece of jewelry that combines elegance and originality. For other models, visit the shop: https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/Vilicreation
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