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"I'm all out of bubble gum" - Movie Fight Scene Tribute: Part 2

A music video tribute to 82 movie fight scenes set to "Smack my bitch up" by The Prodigy. Follow me on social media: Facebook Twitter

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'Brainstorm' Video Analysis of a Runner - YouTube

Push it real good. A few of our favorite "camera pushes in on the hero/villain" moments. Film List (in order of appearance) Stagecoach Superman The Big Lebowski Django Unchained Pirates Of The Caribbean Iron Man Aliens Men In Black The Devil Wears Prada Psycho Terminator 2 Zoolander Hot Fuzz 300 American Psycho Anchorman Army Of Darkness Batman Birdman Spiderman Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Mad Max 2 Mad Max: Fury Road Pulp Fiction Die Hard Guardians Of The…

Film List: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984) Alien (1979) Apollo…

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Sæglópur - Sigur Rós

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Six films featuring boxing; one three minute round; no punches pulled; no punches shown.

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