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a black and white photo of a man sitting at a table with writing on it
Betty Tompkins: Some Sex, Lots of Talking
Betty Tompkins: Some Sex, Lots of Talking – Art in America Guide
a man and woman kissing each other in front of a building with flowers on it
an old black and white photo shows people walking down the street with umbrellas over their heads
a collage of mountains and water with a woman in the middle
a man with pink thread on his nose and face in front of a poster that says boys do cry
four different images of people with faces painted in various colors and shapes, each depicting an individual's head
Our Chosen Instrument - #8 - Claudia Pomowski
a collage of women dressed in red and white, surrounded by colorful art work
Martin O'Neill, Traditional Collage Artist | | Collage art projects, Collage art, Collage art mixed media
a collage of different colored shapes and sizes
(no title)
collage (35)