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Dik Sccheepers, NL. Turning White and Blue. 2008 porcelain. In my search for a new way to produce ceramics I made these objects by editing color into the casting slip and at specific times I intervened the process of forming a cast so different layers could be created.

watercolor glaze inspiration for ceramics

carved bowls.

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Science of Sound Unit: Music & Science Lesson, Presentation, Experiements - 4th

WOW! This science of sound lesson is awesome and would work for both the elementary classroom and the music classroom! I can't believe everything that is included! #elmused #musiceducation #science

Supporting ELLs in the Science Classroom: Part II (The Science Penguin)

Supporting ELLs in the Science Classroom: Part II

Maishe Dickman creates this hand thrown stoneware Shaner red-brown and Tenmoko black baking dish. It's dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. Whenever heating stoneware in a conventional oven, make sur