Nittaya's portfolio for ceci

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Portfolio - Graphic Design 2015 KITTAYA N.

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OH WELL magazine A issue 2015 OH WELL magazine is a platform made by aspiring artists and writers who want to create and share their ideas on good quality paper. This magazine will be for those who still appreciate holding printed spreads instead of looking at screens. It will be biannual publication, which every six-month will be themed with an alphabetical character and will present conversations with ambitious people, photo essays, fashion editorials. OH WELL is dedicated to young…

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OZONraw redesigned fashion magazine This is my final BA project in graphic design. I chose to redesign an issue of the ozon raw fashion magazine, a greek based magazine that also gets distributed abroad.

Nu-Mode´ Magazine # 11 "The City That Never Sleeps" NY Edition Presenting the 11th edition, “The City That Never Sleeps”. We’re celebrating Nu-Mode´ Magazine’s vivacious hometown, New York City! Inside this issue, we’ve captured several pioneers who’ve made New York City their artistic home. Through restless nights and overflowing creativity, “The City That Never Sleeps” gathers the visions of visionaries, whom come from all walks of life, only to reveal what makes this city one of the…

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DOUBT magazine DOUBT is a contemporary European art and culture publication dedicated to the discovery of new concepts, sophisticated aesthetics and the outputs proposed by a range of exciting creatives and tastemakers. DOUBT aims to challenge, question and explore, finding positivity in the elements of doubt surrounding a subject. DOUBT investigates the boundaries between graphics, illustration, fashion and art - searching for new answers and limitless possibilities.

ANT fashion magazine NT Fashion Magazine is the absurd celebration of creative passion. Featuring the pleasantly obsessed. ANT believes that fashion is a form of expression that reveals the passion behind each individual person. These expressions are real, honest and without shallow incentive.

ELSE MAGAZINE Copywriting & Editorial Director

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