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an image of a man in the middle of a meme
15 '90s Memes That'll Make You Yearn For Better Times
an image of a text that reads mom how're your classes going? me they're good narrator things were not good
Dumpity Do (phone clearing)
kermie the frog sitting at a desk with text that reads,'screw school i say as i do all my homework and aim for
an animated cartoon character reading a book with the caption me had months to complete an assignment? me the day before it's due i didn't have enough time
Super Funny School Pics Jokes 50+ Ideas
a young boy standing in front of a wall with text that reads, when the teacher walks up to you during exam and looks at your paper then shuts out guys please
Hilarious Memes, Eminem
Silly Memes That Are Funny AF (46 memes)
Today’s Morning Mega Memes | The Omg Memes
Today’s Morning Mega Memes | The Omg Memes
the text on the screen reads, teacher the test isn't that confusing
The Meme Administration ☣️
two tweets with the caption that reads, what is an extreme sport? allison @ amazaleex doing your homework while the teacher is collecting it
Fat Loss List Pin Top10 – Fat loss Pin top 10 List
three men standing next to each other in front of a christmas tree with the caption me waiting to ask my teacher another teacher
18+ Mindblowing Memes To Check Out – #Check #meme #Memes #Mindblowing – Come Back to School
two pictures of a child in a car with the caption me when i hear back to school commercials
Page not found – Trending Products that you Need
an image of a man holding his head in front of him with the caption'when you're stuck on an exam question and ur trying to visualise your notes because you know that the exact answer was written on them