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some character designs i did for the video game persona kart, which is currently in development
shawn 🐶 on Twitter
I'm open for commissions and such. Hit me up, indie devs and pixel lovers. #commission #indiedev #pixelart
different types of fish on a white background
Illustration Five Colorful Fishes On White Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 160620326 | Shutterstock
Illustration of the five colorful fishes on a white background
a blue gift box with a yellow bow and stars on the side, against a gray background
Casual icon set, Vera Velichko
ArtStation - Casual icon set, Vera Velichko
an animated landscape with plants, rocks and water
Environment Art
I have been exploring this style since quite a time like 7-8 months and still continuing, here are some of them, I have enjoyed a lot making these and selecting colors and applying them on a various stages have brought me joy. please share your thoughts i…
a painting of a stone path with bright light coming from the end and green plants growing on either side
3 days march
3 days march
a cartoon scene with a bench in the middle of a green field and some trees
tree stage1, 지우(JIWOO)
ArtStation - tree stage1, HA KO
four different types of cartoon characters in various colors and sizes, each with an upside down head
Doodles Lab for Sticker.Place
Doodles Lab for Sticker.Place on Behance
the different types of cartoon characters are shown in this set, including one with horns and two
This project is a game in a fusion of genres tamagochi and fighting. Player have to feed and train his character. There three types of characters, each of them have his own special abilities. Also player can compete with other players in fighting mode to …
a bunch of animals that are in different colors and sizes on a green background with watercolor
미니 골렘
a bunch of potted plants with faces drawn on them
Succulents kawaii T-Shirt by Valentina Fabbri - The Shirt List
Succulents kawaii T-Shirt - Cactus T-Shirt is $13 today at Ript!
a bunch of plants and cacti on a purple background
probertson: 🌵🌵🌵SUCCULENT BOYS🌵🌵🌵 Oh. My. God.
different colored monsters with eyes and mouths - animals characters
Cartoon Jelly Monsters Set
Cartoon Jelly Monsters Set by Top_Vectors Cute Cartoon Jelly Monsters, Vector Illustration Set