Digital Media Specialised Project

Inspirations, moodboards and brainstorming ideas for my next project in 2D infographic style for DMSP class
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Tutorial onto how to create line art style for motion graphic, using sketch and toon on Cinerma4D

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Another symmetrical flat designed animation that inspires me

Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia, Inc.

2D Infographic with voice over that goes very well with the music in the background

Another flat design infographic that is vibrant and dynamic that inspires me


This is a motion graphic project using After Effects CS5.5. It's a motion info graphic about the importance of breakfast.

Sample on how to create cartoon character from hand drawing


The initial style of animation that I would like to go for but I do not think I would have enough time to learn from the start to be able to create one at this point.


The example of colour pattern that I would like to go for with my animation. It will be a lot of hues and splashy colours to catch audience attentions.

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