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crochet granny bag with flower applique on the front and back side
Daisy Tablet Sleeve Free Crochet Pattern
If you are bored of simple tablet cases then you will be impressed by this beginner-friendly crochet tablet sleeve which you can make yourself. A cute design with a flower in the middle could be created in various color options. And it will be a real pleasure to hold the device in such a beautiful thing.
three crocheted pouches with buttons on them, one blue and the other brown
Glasses Case Free Crochet Pattern
The great thing about this free crochet pattern is that you can create lots of different-colored crochet sunglasses cases and change them daily. It just looks like a simple small accessory, but in reality, such cozies make our days better and brighter. Just look at these cute buttons.
crocheted hearts are being used to make a heart - shaped dishcloth for valentine's day
Spiral Heart Facial Scrubbie Free Crochet Pattern
For those who are passionate about sustainability, crochet scrubby is a wonderful invention. You can create beautiful designs like Michelle Beauchamp’s spiral heart shape. Just imagine the gentle touch of this tender item on your skin – you won’t want to go back to using plastic sponges. You’ll find yourself enjoying your skincare routine more and more.
crocheted flower appliques are shown on a counter top and in different colors
Flower Shaped Scrubbies Free Crochet Pattern
We deserve the best things in the world, and that includes our skin. Let’s give it the best skincare routine we can provide. Crochet scrubbies are perfect helpers in this process. It’s great to use natural yarn, like cotton, and your skin will be grateful for your care. Flowery crochet scrubbies are not only useful but also beautiful decor for your bedroom.
two mugs with handles made from crocheted yarn, one is yellow and the other is green
Double Mesh Mug Cozy 15oz Free Crochet Pattern
Do you remember how we changed our doll’s outfits when we were kids?! Now we can do the same with cups and have fun. Small crochet mug cozies always make me smile, and this one isn’t an exception. Believe me, you will enjoy every drinking time while your cup is covered with this bright cozy.
two pictures showing the same cup as they are made out of yarn and then knitted together
Bean Stitch Coffee Cup Cozy Free Crochet Pattern
Are you tired of boring plain coffee cups like I am? Then grab some yarn and use the free crochet pattern by Alexis Cole to create a crochet cozy for your coffee cup. It’s impossible not to stand out with such a cute accessory. The stitches are designed to look like real coffee beans. Wow!
two pictures showing how to make a rope bracelet
Wristlet Keychain Free Crochet Pattern
This stylish crocheted keychain is very easy to make. The pattern is based on simple stitches and will be good for crocheters of all levels. If you want to start crocheting but are afraid that it might be difficult for you, this project is a good place to start. In the end, the piece looks really cool, so save the pattern even if you're a little more experienced.
two pictures of a stuffed animal with a cell phone in it's back pocket
Crochet Smartphone Case Free Crochet Pattern
Simple and cute, this crochet smartphone case will protect your phone from breaking when you drop it again. The texture of this piece is pleasant to the touch and it's really comfortable to wear. The project doesn't require any special techniques and is suitable for crocheters of all levels. Find the free crochet pattern on the website. #freecrochetpattern #crochetphonecase #crochetpouch #crochetsmartphonecase #phonecase #smartphonecase
a blue crocheted case with sunglasses and eyeglasses on top, next to it
Crochet Glasses Case Free Crochet Pattern
If you have trouble keeping your sunglasses safe, this project is a must. This crocheted sunglass case is a cute and functional accessory. It is also much better than the ones you can find in stores, and you can still make it with just your hands. The free crochet pattern for this piece is free and easy to follow. #freecrochetpattern #crochetglassescase #crochetpouch #crochetsunglassescase #glassescase #sunglassescase
a crocheted water bottle holder hanging from a string and another photo with the same pattern
Water Bottle Holder with Phone Pocket Free Crochet Pattern
Another crocheted bottle holder with an interesting motif and practical design. If you're looking for a functional tool to make with your own hands, this is it. The bottle holder can be crocheted with DK or worsted weight yarn, depending on your needs and preferences. There are also two options for the handle. Download the free pattern and choose the one you like! #freecrochetpattern #crochetwaterbottlesling #crochetwaterbottleholder #crochetwaterbottle #waterbottlesling #waterbottleholder
two pictures one with a water bottle and the other with a crochet bag
24/7 Water Bottle Sling Free Crochet Pattern
When it's boiling outside, you need to carry water with you. This crochet pattern creates a beautiful crochet bottle holder that is not only pretty but also a very practical accessory that will help you a lot during the summer. The project uses basic crochet techniques as well as two special stitches. Check out the free crochet pattern! #freecrochetpattern #crochetwaterbottlesling #crochetwaterbottleholder #crochetwaterbottle #waterbottlesling #waterbottlecarrier #waterbottleholder
Add some feminine vibes to your look with this tiny crochet scrunchie! It's cute, easy to make, and can be finished in no time. This is a great project for beginners and for those crafters who like to crochet on the go. The pattern for this crochet accessory is easy to follow and available for free. #freecrochetpattern #crochetscrunchies #crochetscrunchie #scrunchies #scrunchie #hairaccessory #crochethairaccessory #hairaccessories #crochethairaccessories Diy, Easy Crochet Projects, Crochet Gifts, Crochet Designs
Two Toned Scrunchie Free Crochet Pattern
Add some feminine vibes to your look with this tiny crochet scrunchie! It's cute, easy to make, and can be finished in no time. This is a great project for beginners and for those crafters who like to crochet on the go. The pattern for this crochet accessory is easy to follow and available for free. #freecrochetpattern #crochetscrunchies #crochetscrunchie #scrunchies #scrunchie #hairaccessory #crochethairaccessory #hairaccessories #crochethairaccessories
crocheted flower with the word w on it and two pictures of different colors
Flower Scrunchies Free Crochet Pattern
These beautiful floral scrunchies require very little skill and are super beginner friendly. They're also quick, so if you want to crochet something nice without having to think about it, this might be the answer. These crochet scrunchies are a great way to use your leftover yarn. Click on the link to get the crochet pattern for free. #freecrochetpattern #crochetscrunchies #crochetscrunchie #scrunchies #scrunchie #hairaccessory #crochethairaccessory #hairaccessories #crochethairaccessories
there are two pictures of the same keychain and one is pink, green, yellow
Lanyard Keyhanger Free Crochet Pattern
The lanyard keyhanger is a pretty accessory that will save you from a lot of trouble and personalized colors will make kids love it too. #freecrochetpattern #crochetpattern #crochetaccessories #crochetcord #crochetkeyhanger
crocheted coasters are shown in two different colors, one blue and the other gray
Floral Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern
With the help of the tapestry crochet needle, you can create delicate flower crochet face pads. This crochet floral motif is a beautiful addition to your bathroom stash. The beginner friendly pattern is simple and fast to follow. Those would make great fillers for your crochet baskets. An easy way to upgrade your home to zero waste crochet household.#freecrochetpattern #crochetpattern #crochetscrubbie #crochetfacepad