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a man sitting on top of a bench next to an angel wings and moon in the background
¡Yoongi! ¡Ya actualiza en Wattpad! - 88.
a man in black jacket and white shirt holding his hand up to his mouth with text on
many different images of people with faces drawn on them
Sophia Park on Twitter
an advertisement for the korean idol group's upcoming album, which is being released on twitter
four different pictures of a young man with no shirt on, one is touching his nose and the other is making a face
a woman with blonde hair is looking up at the sky
Brutal Alpha {Taegi} -rewriting-
four different shots of a woman with no shirt on, one in the process of doing makeup
an image of a boy smiling with the caption that reads, i'll always be by your side because you always give me smile when i need it
some people that are wearing different outfits and one is holding a microphone in his hand
a man holding a baby in his arms and smiling at it's mother, who is wearing a black shirt
a young man wearing a suit and tie
◡̈ on Twitter