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BALMUDA The Toaster (White)


Interesting styling of this fan #productdesign #industrialdesign

1 HD01_GENE_37A4_B4.jpg (772×1680)



BALMUDA Kite | Kiteの上にはぜひ紙と鉛筆を置いてみてください。上面が大きく湾曲しているので、上に置いたものが自然とセンターに集まります。

Holiday Wishlist 2010: Leo

1. Aero by Balmuda. If I were to buy any desk, Inspired by airplanes, manufactured by laser-cutting steel, coated with glass. 2. Factory Planter by METAPHYS 3. Endless Notebook 4. Humidifier Ver. 3 by plusminuszero 5. Flat Tissue Box by Ideaco

Coveting: The brand new Dyson Hot and Cold Fan and Heater. Safe around kids, and can save you a ton on energy bills.

BALMUDA Lift | Liftの支柱部分は、全てアルミニウムブロックからの削り出し。切削加工ならではの立ったエッジが特徴です。

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