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a piece of paper with writing on it in korean and english characters written in two different languages
the text on this page is written in korean and has an image of a man's face
본인 재배포 금지
Meme, Ig Post, Coding
an image of a sign that is written in korean and has the words on it
Messages, Language, Mood, Life
썰물같이, 신기루같이
two speech bubbles with the words in korean and english on them, one has an image of a building behind it
an image of a man holding a cell phone
Literature, Word Search Puzzle, Letter, Lettering
오직 나만이 너의 슬픔을 알고 있다면 어떡할래
the text is written in korean and english
너의 일기엔 내가 있어?
Flowers, Sns, Sentences
Quote Aesthetic, Book Quotes, Let It Be, Falling In Love, Alice In Wonderland Pictures
스쳐지나가는 인연 중 하나
Boarding Pass, Wallpaper
Reading, Thoughts, Korean Lessons, Korean Words, Learn Korean
지나간 사랑을 그리워하며
an image of a man in korean texting with the caption that reads,
아무리 사랑해도, 나를 지우는 사랑은 하지 말자