www.TimSormin.com TimSormin@gmail.com 00:05-00:29 - Keyframed player animation and co-designed ledging movement system for "Star Trek" (2013) at Digital Extremes 00:29-00:36 - Edited and enhanced motion-captured player animation for "Star Trek" (2013) at Digital Extremes 00:36-01:10 - Keyframed and co-designed multi-character interactions for "Dark Void" (2010) at Airtight Games 01:10-01:13 - Keyframed level intro cinematic for "Warframe" (20…

Parkour Animation[DemoReel] on Vimeo

▶ CGI VFX Showreels HD: "Character Animation Reel" - by Alessandro Camporota - YouTube

Animation Challenge at work on Vimeo

FireBreather Parkour Chase sequence by seung-hyun oh on Vimeo

Admission Animation test for Japanese Studio Khara スタジオカラー 3Dアニメーター募集告知ムービー

This is my animation sequence from class 3, Advanced body mechanics, at Animation Mentor. The assignment was to animate 3 body mechanics shots that could be cut into a sequence. I will be updating this as and when I get round to creating the rest of the set.

Advanced Body Mechanics - Class 3 on Vimeo

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