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a ceramic sculpture of a woman's head with yellow hair
Ceramics | Christy Keeney
four ceramic spoons with different shapes and designs on them, one is shaped like an animal
Clay Opera Ceramics
Clay Opera Ceramics
several images of different plates being made on the same machine as people are working on them
Neat bowl on imgfave
Interesting idea.
four pictures of a cat head in a bowl with its tail curled up and eyes closed
Earth Wool Fire
12”unfired white earthenware custom Cat yarn bowl. Custom orders via earthwoolfire.etsy.com
white speckled ceramic bowls and canisters with brown trim on the bottom are stacked up in front of each other
Culinary Style Setter I Love: March Pantry
Victoria Morris #ceramics #pottery Great container for flour, rice, etc
three white ceramic vases with plants in them
Home Hacks | DIY Projects, Decorating Ideas and Cleaning Tips
Face vases make a great hostess gift.
six coffee mugs with different animals painted on them
Cool Looking Handmade Animal Mugs By Blue Witch | Cool Feed.me - Cool Stuff To Buy And Drool Over
three shelves that have some kind of houses on them
Love, love, love. Hmmm....how to combine these shapes with the tutorial for the plaster townhouse planter......Oh, I'm gonna have to do another craft class, just so I have an excuse to play! Originals by Vesna Gusman, who sells them on Etsy, and has a whole board on pinterest of her amzing work.
two pictures of a house in a box with a tiny purple object sticking out of it
Paisley St Claire
How utterly charming is this little house by Japanese brand, Lodge? The smoke coming out of the chimney is from the incense cone inside - it's a wee little incense pot. Each house is made individually by hand and great care has been taken to achieve a realistic looking surface.
four small white vases with fruit in them
ido garini composes luscious food cravings with conical utensils
ido garini composes luscious food cravings with cone-shaped porcelain utensils
four black and white mugs sitting on top of a table next to each other
Дом дизайнера
a shelf filled with lots of cups on top of each other in front of a white wall
Marianne Hallberg
sexyceramics: Cups by Marianne Hallberg
a drawing of a cat on a plate
hopeless ceramix
Cat Dish from @moxiethrift on etsy Goren