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the stairs are painted in different colors and patterns, along with carpeted flooring
베이징 어린이 도서관 친화적 인테리어
해외 어린이 도서관 인테리어 친화적 디자인이 돋보이는 베이징 어린이 도서관 아이들이 읽는 그림책은알록...
a mannequin is standing in front of a large wall with footprints on it More
Pudding Pots
a white bed topped with lots of plants next to a mirror and potted plants
Update #3 on the jungle bed nook Thank you for all the love and reposts! I’m humbled that my crazy plant lady-ness can have actually have…
a large room filled with lots of red and white boxes hanging from the ceiling next to people standing around
"Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts" -- an exhibit of the American Folk Art Museum in New York!
a person standing in front of a cell phone with an image on it's screen
2. Musicology festival kao epicentar pozitivnih vibracija i odlične muzike - PRototip
Musicology Festival sponsored by Samsung / Samsung activation during the Festival
many lanterns are lit up in the dark
Create Your Own Lantern Festival: A Beautiful Art Project - Around the World "L"
Travel makes me think of lights: glittering, romantic displays of lights like the ones I saw at holiday festivals in Italy, or night markets in Thailand. "Why," I've been wondering since returning to Boston after traveling around the world, "do gorgeous public light displays like that not exist back home?" This month I finally figured out the answer: The pretty lights are here, but I've been too ...
a wall with many faces and toothbrushes hanging on it's sides,
a watermelon that has shoes on it and is being displayed in front of an instagram
Installed! #premiatashoes #joanntanstudio #visualmerchandising #windowdisplay
a christmas display in a store window with bottles and trees on the shelf next to it
Storefront Windows
I've always wanted to make a fishtank out of an old tv, but this is cool too.
two people are sitting at tables made out of plywood planks in a building
Interiors, Homes, Public Spaces, and Interior Design image inspiration on Designspiration
an image of a green wall in the middle of a room with tables and stools
Color Therapy: Go Green
Green is made by mixing blue (an intellectual colour) with yellow (an emotional colour). Green is located between these two hues on the colour spectrum (or
an overhead view of people walking around in a building with arrows pointing to different locations
Exhibition design for Vienna Technical Museum by Bleed — Vienna, Austria
Exhibition design for Vienna Technical Museum by Bleed — Vienna, Austria
a white curtain with lights behind it and some plants on the floor next to it
@TaylorPhillippe Beautiful wedding backdrop | tulle | christmas lights | greenery | love | winter wedding | woodland | Follow me! :D @TaylorPhillippe