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a young man making the v sign with his hands while sitting in front of a map
an image of a cartoon character with words in korean
아무도 같이 마실 사람이 없어
there is a sign on the wall in this room
요즘 식당에서 금지중인 것 jpg.
K Pop, Humour, Chat, Cute Icons, Cute Memes, Meme Template, Kpop
an image of a cartoon character in korean
Inspiration, Synopsis, Text, Humor, Joy
부정부페 점심부페 저녁 식당 - 상황별 짤방 모음 오늘의짤방
a person holding an open book with korean writing on it
two cartoon images with the same character in different languages, one has an animal on it's back
R, Fun, Cool Words
an advertisement for korean children's books with a polar bear reading a book in front of it
a person holding up an image of a man standing in a room with white walls
무도 무한도전 박명수 친구없는 명수는 혼자 영화를 보러 가요 - 상황별 짤방 모음 오늘의짤방
a hand holding a cell phone with a message on the screen that says it said merry christmas
Kawaii, Animals, Ayo, Emojis, Im Awesome, Stupid Memes
나는 개다 멍멍 나는개다 강아지 - 상황별 짤방 모음 오늘의짤방